Aurora Theatre Hong Kong

Selected photos that I’ve taken for that various which were produced by Aurora Theatre Hong Kong


Romance, 2014

  Written by David Mamet Directed by Nicole Garbellini  

Thinner Than Water, 2015

  Written by Melissa Ross Directed by Brad Powers  


Figaro, 2015

  Adapted by Peter Gordon  Directed by Nicole Garbellini and Vanessa Eva-Louise Noble  

Inherit The Wind, 2016

  Written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee Directed by Nicole Garbellini  

The Last 5 Years, 2016

  Written by Jason Robert Brown Directed by Marek Steenkamp    

The Crucible, 2017

  Written by Arthur Miller Directed by Nicole Garbellini    


The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged, 2017


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